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GLG is a group of corporations dedicated to real estate investment.

We have years of experience investing in real estate. We have invested in multiple economic and real estate market cycles, through the recession and capital market improvement, constantly evolving and strengthening our relationships with our clients / investors. Offering investment opportunities through the active management of listed securities portfolios through independent accounts.
Whit us your money is worth more.

Whit us your money is worth more.

How does it work?

We are currently accepting new private investments for a minimum of US$200,00000.
The investment will be guaranteed by a first mortgage on a property owned by GLG.
A notarized Promissory Note and an Investment Agreement will guarantee each investment until it can be replaced the mortgage.
Interest payments rates between 5% and 8% per annum will begin as soon as the investment is received; these will be deposited monthly.
Once the mortgage and note are registered at the County Clerk’s Office, which takes between 60 and 90 days, the investor will receive the original mortgage and return the Promissory Note bank to GLG.
Investments will be accepted for a period of 3 to 5 consecutive years.
Once an instrument matures, the investment would be renewed if the investor so desires or the funds would be reimbursed. The investment will continue to be guaranteed by the same or a similar property.

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Our partners

José Luis Pereira

Managing member and founding partner, specialist in auctions and real estate in the Miami-Dade area.
Industrial engineer specialized in finance.

Roger Prunhuber

Born in Caracas, Venezuela. He has a degree in Economics from the University of the Pacific and an MBA in Finance from Florida Atlantic University. He was the Director and Editor of the Venezuelan Economic Review, The Monthly Report, Banker’s Analysis, The Insurance Report and the Five-year Projection of the Venezuelan Economy. He joined GLG Investments Group in 2013 as a Managing Member and CFO.

Augusto Granja

Managing Member and Founding Partner, Graduated Administrative Sciences with a Master’s degree in Construction Management.

Our Consultants

Oscar Carucci USA

+1 786-499-7646
(English, Español, Português, Italiano)

Juan Luis Canudas USA

+1 786-597-1877
(English, Español)

Dad Dager USA

+1 786-290-0548
(English, Español)

Gladys Saldivia USA

+1 786-740-5168

Nelly da Silva USA

+1 305-790-9520
(English, Español, Português)

Victor Martins Portugal

+351 914-713-431
(English, Español, Português)

Our history

GLG was created in 2009 as a real estate investment Company dedicated to the buying, selling and leasing of residential properties in Miami-Dade County. Our financial instrument was designed for conservative investors as it generates secure yields requiring a lower outlay of money. While we continue to keep our eyes open for golden opportunities it is important to realize that most of the best investments are those that are truly realistic. Our goal is to provide attractive investment returns with minimum risk.